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Vision for the Movement 2015

At the 2013 Council of Delegates in Sydney, the Movement decided that the Strategy for the Movement had been, substantially, implemented. Moreover, the Council invited the Standing Commission in consultation with National Societies, the International Federation and the ICRC, to continue developing a new Strategy for the Movement. This was on the basis of considerations set out in the Standing Commission report, and Annex 1 to this resolution, “New Directions for the Movement” with a view to developing a new Strategy for the Movement for adoption at the 2015 Council of Delegates. During the past 18 months, the Standing Commission has discussed this matter on several occasions, including at its meeting in Florence on the eve of the Europe Conference where it was decided to develop a vision paper as the next step in the process of renewing the Strategy for the Movement, and it agreed to request its member, Mr Pär Stenbäck to lead its development in collaboration with the Geneva institutions and the involvement of National Societies. The draft vision paper would be circulated to National Societies for consultation when available. The Standing Commission made this decision in view of the number of strategies which already exist at different levels within the Movement. Instead of a full-fledged strategy, the Commission believed it more constructive to set out a framework of goals in the form of a common Vision for all the Movement components in the coming years. It is also based on the idea that a comparatively simple and agreed statement is a good basis for further development of our joint action as a Movement in favour of those in need and the vulnerable people we seek to serve.

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