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Election of the Standing Commission

Composition and election

The SC has nine members:

Members of the Standing Commission

Nomination of candidates

According to Rule 21 of the Rules of Procedure for the Movement, nominations for the Standing Commission must be delivered to the Chairman of the Conference Bureau at the latest 48 hours before the opening of the meeting in which the election is to take place.

Although this is the statutory requirement, it is strongly recommended that nominations for Standing Commission membership be submitted to the Commission’s Secretariat no later than by October 5, 2015 to allow sufficient time for National Societies and Governments to prepare for the elections.

Nomination forms are available at the SC secretariat and can be requested from the standcom secretariat. Please attach a National Society certificate of membership and insert a recent photograph to the nomination form.

Election procedure

The International Conference elects five (5) members to the Standing Commission (SC) of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

They are elected for the 4-year term between two Conferences. They have to be members of a National Society (Article 17 / Statutes of the RCRC Movement) and are elected in a personal capacity, taking into account personal qualities and the principle of fair geographical distribution.
The SC members are elected by secret ballot by the members of the Conference. That is, by the National Societies and by the States party to the Geneva Conventions.

The election process usually starts immediately after the opening of the plenary meeting.
The head of delegation of each National Society and state, or the delegate designated by him/her, casts the vote(s). Each delegation can vote for a maximum of 5 persons, taking into account their personal qualifications and fair geographic distribution. The delegations are called in alphabetical order to cast their votes in the election room at the Conference centre. Since 2015 there has been an electronic voting mechanism.

At the latest on a date predetermined by the current Standing Commission, the CV of each candidate (together with detailed instructions for the election process) is circulated to all delegations at the Conference Centre.

The results are then announced on the afternoon of the last day of the Conference shortly before the end of the plenary meeting on the same day.

All nomination forms received, and translated into the four working languages, are posted on the Commission’s website to allow for National Societies and Governments to acquaint themselves with the candidates. Nominations submitted later, will be posted once translated.

When the Conference has opened, the Bureau will formally circulate the curriculum vitae of each candidate 24 hours before the opening of the meeting in which the election is to take place.


The Secretariat of the Standing Commission is available for any technical questions or advice regarding the nomination procedures at;

19, Avenue de la Paix, 1202 Geneva, Switzerland.
Telephone: + 41 22 730 2032